What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

You might find yourself skeptically asking, “What’s the worst that could happen with cybersecurity?” Afterall, the news only ever shows the big companies getting targeted by hackers. Why would anyone go after small businesses like yours?

But underestimating the impact of cybersecurity failures can be a grave mistake. Digital threats seem abstract, but the consequences are very real and potentially devastating.

Without a strategy you could face:

Data Breach: Loss of sensitive information for you or your clients

Financial Loss: Hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of dollars

Reputation Damage: Eroded customer or investor trust.

Operational Disruption: Inability to run your business

Regulatory Consequences: Fines and penalties

Intellectual Property Theft: Stolen business secrets

Ransomware Attacks: Data held for ransom

Safety Risks: Damage to critical infrastructure

Resource Drain: Time and money consumed

Psychological Distress: Stress and trauma

Lawsuits/Criminal Cases: Potential to be sued or prosecuted for failure to take reasonable steps

You need to be aware of the risk your company is taking so you can take the appropriate steps.

Know Your Risk

How can you determine your level of risk, identify points of vulnerability, and get ahead of potential problems?

Simple. Get a risk assessment from IT Colorado.

We will work with you in our discovery process to evaluate your business’ technical assets and systems for vulnerabilities. We’ll inspect your equipment, accounts, and even the dark web to ensure that you don’t have any active breaches. Then we’ll put together a Risk Assessment Report detailing all our findings, which we will review with you.

Let us take the guesswork out of your cybersecurity and start you on the course to quality cyber-protection.

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